​Underwear: simple, geometric-based designs with clean lines and androgynous styling. Sophie Hines lingerie balances at the point between luxe femme and stark minimalism.
The brand takes influence from geometry and crystalline shapes, architecture, a love of pastels, human anatomy, glitter, pink, and an obsession with menswear. 
Hello, boys. Can I borrow your clothes for a sec? Chill. 


Company: Women are the strongest driving force in society, and I am here to empower women in their basic right of comfortable underwear. We are not objects. We have shit to do. You deserve to be comfortable throughout your day, and the underwear that makes you feel awesome and confident is what looks best on you. 
If you're looking for lingerie to attract someone, your comfort and confidence is what's most sexy. You do You. They'll get on board. 


​Designer: Bonjour. I am Sophie hines, and I make underwear! I have such a heart for women, feminism, and helping women find their voices and make their place in our world. By the grace of God, I am a strong, capable, vulnerable woman with a loud voice who gets shit done and insists on living a large, extravagantly gracious life full of laughter and love. I love yoga, rock climbing, staying home, eating candy, and laying down. I'm so glad you found me- let's hang out!