​Underwear: simple, geometric-based designs with clean lines and androgynous styling. Sophie Hines lingerie balances at the point between luxe femme and stark minimalism.
The brand takes influence from geometry and crystalline shapes, architecture, a love of pastels, human anatomy, glitter, pink, and an obsession with menswear. 
Hello, boys. Can I borrow your clothes for a sec? Chill. xx



Company: Hello. Sophie hines is a company devoted to high quality garments and a positive, encouraging workplace. We always strive for a better product and drive forward to new, innovative designs. We love bringing passionate people together, working to build a community of likeminded creatives who desire a place where they can work hard, thrive, and grow in their professional and personal pursuits. We set fire to the imagination and push boundaries of design. Let’s make stuff! xx


​Designer: Bonjour. I am Sophie hines, and I make underwear! I grew up in a very small house that had two options for playtime- make something inside or build something outside. I love literally every way of making things, but sewing is my ultimate. I swear all of the damn time, and I love wearing button downs and ties with glittery sparkly shoes. I own a pink and silver sequin bra, and wear it often. My nametag reads Sparkle Fairy Princess, Queen of All. I love the East Coast, France, and my Midwestern prairie home. xx